What can you do with the New Generation Human Resources Software?

Digitalization is now present in every aspect of our lives… Especially with the pandemic, traditional methods are gradually shelving and leaving their place to digital processes. HR processes also get their share from this. Business and HR processes are carried out more effectively and efficiently with the use of technology. Human resources processes, where data […]

What is Big Data, What are Big Data Application Areas?

Now every moment of our life is full of data. All of our data is stored, from the sites we visit on the internet to the time we spend on social media. Netflix shows us similar content as we vote for the content we like; As a result, each of us has a different Netflix […]

Benefits of Using Professional Software

Whether you are a small or large corporate company, there are many benefits to using human resources, ERP software, production tracking and productivity software. Here are a few of the benefits we have compiled for you. • Increases the efficiency of the human resources unit. The HR unit does not need to chase after the […]

What Are RFID Technologies, Where Are They Used?

Rfid stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is a new generation wireless communication technology that makes our lives easier by using it in identification, location, object tracking and diagnosis via Radio Frequencies. Among the components of the RFID System; RFID readers, RFID tags, RFID antennas and control software can be counted. With the RFID System, […]