What Can Human Resources Software Report?

New generation human resources software helps you to manage your employees, develop your staff and carry out the recruitment process more effectively and easily. It also promotes control of your entries and exits, fixtures and workforce. 

Thanks to performance tracking, you can enhance the productivity of your employees and HR operations can be optimized by facilitating the operation and creating less margin of error of payroll, time attendance reports, etc. which is the main tasks of human resources.

Polikod human resources software can easily integrated with your other data management programs and ERP systems. It’s very much customizable to your companies needs, budget, goals and we have a solution for every size and type of company. New generation HR software reinforce your decision making and reporting process by collecting instant data from field, terminals, NFC and RFID systems.

1. Personnel Information Reports

Employee information reports is an HR software report that presents  personal employee data, number of employees, employee satisfaction rate (according to surveys), employee turnover rate, revenue per employee, average tenure etc. These reports can be filtered by department, location, turnover rates or teams within the company and allow detailed performance evaluation and comparison. You can find some report examples below.

  • Personnel List Report
  • Working Group Report
  • Permission Information Report
  • Annual Leave Tracking Report
  • Annual Overtime Tracking Report
  • Identity Reporting Report

2. Hiring/Recruitment Reports

Human resources software plays an important role in gaining talent in recruitment processes, hiring the right people for the right positions, and increasing the conversion rates of candidates to “hired”. By analyzing candidates, job interviews, job postings and resources, HR software helps you understand the variables involved in hiring process and guides the company position accordingly to the analyzes.

  • Hired/Retreater Reports

3. Payroll Reports

Many companies outsource the payroll process because it is a detailed, unforgiving, and complex process. For this reason, companies now invest in human resources software and carry out this work internally with less margin of error,. Thus, they save both time and money. Thanks to the payroll software, you can calculate working hours, payroll status, leaves, taxes, bonuses, health insurances, indemnities, payrolls, payroll taxes and get report breakdowns of these on a regular basis. You can see some examples of reports below.

  • Annual Reports
  • Worker Status Report After Payroll
  • Employees On Leave Report
  • Payroll Detailed Report
  • Ascıı Total Report
  • Worksheet Report
  • Overtime Reports
  • Weekly Holiday Employees Report
  • Permission Information Report
  • Compensation Study Report

4. Time Attendance Reports

Time attendance reports are basically the result of recording the entry and exit times of the employees. The main purpose of keeping this report is to increase employee productivity and achieve maximum efficiency. These reports also contribute to the creation of payroll reports. Sick days, vacation days, payroll etc are calculated and those who come to work, who come late, who do not come are followed up. According to these report results, the workforce is audited and it becomes easier to calculate salary payments. In addition, the software saves money and time by minimizing paperwork and margin of error. Below you can see some examples of reports.

  • Staff Attendance List Report
  • Daily Worker Status Report
  • Entry-Exit Report
  • Non-Come Report
  • Permissions Report
  • Early/Late Arrivals Report
  • Insider/Outsider Report
  • Latecomers Report
  • Early Departures Report
  • Absenteeism Report
  • Attendance Report
  • Actual Arrivals / No Arrivals Report


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