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What is Time and Attendance Systems, Where is it Used ?

Time and attendance software (TAS), records the entry-exit times of the personnel with card systems, fingerprint readers, face recognition devices and / or RFID antennas and consists of creating detailed reports of overtime, undertime and break times and several different reports .

It is the software that companies of all sizes need, from SMEs to holding levels. 

Polikod produces desktop and web-based time and attendance software tailored to your company’s needs. 

With Polikod time and attendance software, you can track your payroll much more easily with our user-friendly interfaces, increase the operational efficiency of personnel tracking, and reduce your time cost.

Desktop and Web Based Time and Attendance Softwares Designed for Your Company

With Polikod Time and Attendance Software, you can easily track your personnel from anywhere, take their payroll and use them in payroll calculation. 

The entry/exit information of the personnel can be easily followed on the real-time dashboard.

QR Code Time and Attendance Software

Qr-coded Mobile Time and Attendance Software is designed for businesses that work in the field and want to monitor their personnel instantly. 

It is compatible with Android and IOS operating systems. The device does not require installation and wiring.

Integration Processes of Time and Attendance Software into ERP Systems

Polikod Time and Attendance Software can work in harmony with many accounting programs and can exchange data.

Polikod Time and Attendance Software can work integrated with ERP programs such as SAP, Canias and etc.

As a result of up to 30 years of experience in personnel attendance control systems; In line with the feedback we have received from our very valuable customers, we have created different type of Time and Attendance Softwares.

Desktop Time and Attendance Software

Desktop Time and Attendance software has 3 different options for companies of different sizes: small, standard and professional. 

  • The software has been developed on the .Net platform. MS SQL database is used. 
  • The language of the program is Turkish and English, and it can be translated into any language without any problems. 
  • It supports Windows XP and higher operating systems.
  • It has unlimited client support and provides the opportunity to work with multiple users at the same time. 
  • Different authorization levels can be determined for different users. 
  • By entering wage information on the personnel identification screen, month-end salary calculation can be taken from the tas software without being transferred to a payroll section. 
  • Different workgroups can be defined for personnel. 
  • The reason card can be defined for any type of permit. 
  • The entry-exit records of the personnel can be seen in the record correction section and can be corrected manually if necessary. 
  • Payroll definitions and parameter changes may vary according to companies and special definitions can be made for you. 
  • With the reporting wizard, all users can create their own custom reports. 
  • All reports from Time and attendance software can be saved in formats such as excel, pdf, xml, html.
  • Polikod Software produces software at Bakırçay University TEKMER (Technology Development Center), which has ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 25051 and ISO 12207 quality certificates and certificate origins.

Difference and Advantage Web Based Systems According to Desktop Applications

24/7 Access to Data
Automatic Updates
Compatibility cross-platform
Alleviating System Resources
No Software Installation
User Friendly Interfaces
Integration Potential
Web applications easily integrate with other external systems.

Advantages of Using Web Based Systems

Access and management of company data regardless of time and place
Easy and understandable use
High visuality
Accessibility via browser
Ease of updating, always access to the latest version
Easy error correction
Independent platform
Easy support and maintenance
Adaptability in mobile apps
Less resource usage on device

Web Based Time and Attendance Software

  • Polikod web-based new generation transition and personnel attendance control automation system has been developed on platforms using the latest software developer versions. (.Net Core and Angular JS Framework) 
  • The software uses MS SQL database. 
  • The software is designed in accordance with the relational database architecture. 
  • Web based Time and Attendance software can be used over internet service providers without the need for any installation process on the user’s computer. 
  • If the application is requested, you will have a tracking system that you can access from wherever you are in the world, by opening out from your organization or the structures such as Cloud, Azure, hosting etc. 
  • Unlimited number of users are defined in Web based Time and Attendance Software and desired authorizations (restrictions) can be made for these defined users through the software.
  • In Web based Time and Attendance Software, the organization chart of your organizations such as unit, position, task, status can be defined completely for your holding, group company, enterprise, branch, etc. 
  • All personal information, identity information, contact and family information, visitor information of the personnel can be defined from the software personnel identification section. 
  • It can be ensured that the documents (ISG, Training, Certificate, etc.), clothing information of the personnel are processed and followed. 
  • If desired, trial period tracking and information system can be made for your new personnel from the first recruitment. 
  • Terminal device, door, authorization group, time intervals definitions can be created through personnel definitions. 
  • In personnel definitions, people can be connected to groups, so it provides the opportunity to easily report your personnel with certain groups during reporting. (such as blue collar, white collar) 
  • Unlimited shift definitions (work groups) can be created for your permanent, seasonal, temporary, etc. shifts for your personnel.
  • For each shift definition, shift start-end times, entry and exit tolerances, rounding times and interruptions during the day (meal, tea breaks, etc.) can be defined separately. 
  • Within these working shifts, different definitions of overtime are normal overtime (weekdays), contractual holiday overtime (Saturday overtime), weekly holiday overtime (Sunday overtime), public holiday overtime, and whether breaks (meal, tea, etc.) can be deducted as deductions. can be created separately and in detail for each type of overtime.
  • Working schedule approval system (variable shift definitions) can be created for the personnel whose working shifts and weekends change frequently.
  • Unlimited number of leave definitions can be defined according to leave types (Duty, Union, Excuse, Paid, Unpaid, Annual, Visit, Report, Marriage, Birth, Death etc.).
  • For each permission type definition created, it will be possible to determine which rights can be deducted and which rights can be earned. 
  • For example, it is defined separately whether a week holiday and a public holiday will be counted as a day off. 
  • These created leave types can be processed individually or collectively for the personnel. If the user does not want to enter the leave records manually, the reason card can be defined for each leave type. “Permit Approval System” for permit records Domestic and international duties can be defined for the personnel, and it will also be possible to distinguish how much of these hours will go to normal work and how much to overtime.
  • Domestic-foreign job descriptions will be calculated and reported separately within the payroll structure. With the reporting wizard, all users can create their own custom reports. *
  • All reports from Time and attendance software can be saved in formats such as excel, pdf, xml, html
  • Polikod Software produces software at Bakırçay University TEKMER (Technology Development Center), which has ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 25051 and ISO 12207 quality certificates and certificate origins.