Big Data

Big Data

Fast decision and advanced report generation

Big data is the form of data that is analyzed, classified, transformed into a meaningful and processable form. When the interactions in constantly used social media accounts, search engines and the traces left behind when a search is made there, movements in bank accounts, blogs, mails, sensors and all interactions of individual users with the Internet are brought together, a huge data pile is formed. We can consider big data as a treasure that feeds from this stack and presents meaningful and processable information to the user.


How do our Big Data Solutions work?

Big data has adopted the principle of making the available data most useful, bringing a new perspective to the opinions of businesses and institutions about their customers, and opening new channels. At this point, in order to reach the most useful information, it is necessary to follow the principles of big data and reveal the simplest and processable form of the data. Many data points are compared, the relationships between the data are revealed, and these relationships enable us to learn and thus make smarter decisions. This is commonly done by a process involving building models based on the collected data, and then simulations are run. The data points are relocated each time, and the effect of this change on the results is monitored.


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