Real Time Location Tracking

Real Time Location Tracking

Real-time tracking of personnel, patients, fixtures, forklifts and construction equipment with NFC, RFID, IOT and camera systems

We transform IOT, RFID and NFC systems into industrial automation systems, security solutions and collision avoidance systems with our artificial intelligence supported software.



We define the areas and objects to be tracked in places such as hospitals, factories, public institutions based on the analysis. Based on the size of the project, needs and technical possibilities, we process instant data from the field with technological equipment such as RFID readers and antennas, camera systems, and transfer them into Polikod software. Security, control and counting processes are completed instantly in seconds with instant data from the system.

Real Time Location Tracking Solutions

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New versions according to developing and changing needs

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Software solutions tailored to your business

We offer complete and accurate solutions for your company with our special analysis methods, and we produce business software that fully meets the needs of your business.  

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