Which Deficiencies of ERP and Accounting Systems Can You Complete With Special Software?

Labor is a necessary asset for almost every company, but it is also costly. For this reason, making the most effective use of the workforce is crucial for companies. The productivity of your employees decreases or increases in direct proportion to the productivity of the company. In order to increase employee productivity, it is necessary to ensure that people do their jobs at the right time. Many companies all over the world record the time and attendance of their employees. In the past, they used to do this with clock in and clock out punch cards. While old-fashioned companies still use this method, companies that keep up with the digital age prefer new generation time and attendance systems, and they save time and money by taking advantage of the many benefits of these systems.

Some Benefits of Time Attendance Systems

1) Get Rid Of Spreadsheets and Save Time

If you keep your personnel records on the spreadsheet, you probably know how much time it takes. Time and Attendance systems give you an easy-to-use interface to create your work plan and shift adjustments in advance. In this way, you can plan your business plan in advance and you will have a painless system to work on.

2) Greater Visibility

Time Attendance Tracking System allows you to better manage your staff’s time and attendance and raise your awareness. It helps you to see those who are constantly late, those who are constantly overtime, etc. more clearly. Especially today, as remote and hybrid working rates increase, companies will gain a lot from the ability to follow the remote workforce by cloud-base time and attendance systems.

3) More Precise Information For Both Employees and Employers

Thanks to the Time&Attendance system, managers know who is late or absent and can obtain data on how often this happens. Employees who make this a habit, those who are approaching to work overtime, or employees who are working outside of their shifts can be warned through the system. Employees can directly request and see sick leaves, vacation requests, leave requests and payments through the system. Thus, the burden of the HR department is also alleviated.

4) Reduce Costly Payroll Mistakes and Eliminate Buddy Clocking

One of the important aspects of monitoring the time and participation of the personnel is to ensure that the workforce comply more with the shift hours and to minimize the costs created by abseentism. In particular, “Buddy-Clocking”, one of the biggest problems of companies, is eliminated thanks to time&attendace systems with biometric readers.

The most effective system which calculates the indicators that play an important role in payroll process and company policies, such as whether the agreed shift hours and working hours regulations are complied with, is time&attendance systems. Salaries and overtimes are automatically calculated by the system according to the indexes such as scoring, permissions taken, etc. These processes were manually done and human errors were costing money. However in this way, risk is minimized and costly errors are eliminated.

What is ERP System and What Are The Benefits?

Today, many companies use the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The reason for this is that companies need these systems in today’s business world where there is a digitalized and intense data flow. Because these data cannot be manually processed and controlled. ERP systems include software used for the management of all key operations of an organization. These include departments such as production, supply chain, purchasing, project management, accounting, financial processes, human resources, customer service.

Since companies have many aspects and divisions, ERP applications allow the integration of these departments, the necessary data sharing between departments, the digitization of processes caused by human error, and the monitoring of these processes by the authorities.

Yet, in order to use ERP in the most efficient way, it is necessary to act with some foresight. If the company culture, the integration of the personnel into the ERP system and the change that the ERP system will create on the personnel are not taken into account, the program may only reflect on you as a cost.

As a result, if you don’t want ERP systems to be reflected to you only as a cost, you should choose an ERP system that is compatible with your company. As Polikod, we provide you with free field exploration service. Thus, we can develop more accurate solutions for your needs and we include you, our customers, in this solution stage.

Software Integration into ERP System

ERP systems cover an extensive area. This system includes accounting software, stock tracking programs, time&attendance systems, real-time supply chain tracking programs etc. These software may be included within a single program or may be purchased separately. However, the important point is; These purchased separately software can be integrated into the company’s existing ERP system. Because sometimes companies cannot get full-range programs in line with their budgets or they are not satisfied with the relevant part of the existing software and may prefer another software. As Polikod, we have this awareness. For this reason, we work with the company of the ERP software you already have and provide the smoothest integration for you. In the continuation of the article, you can see our methods about how we do this integration.

Polikod Methods to Integrate Your ERP System to Time&Attendance System

  • Creating a Record For a Specific Table In The Polikod Database

 After the payroll is received, a certain table is fed with new records by the user triggering it. In this case, any application  which we share database, server and login information can access the table we feed and receive the desired information on its side.

  • Out Folder Output Files

After the score is taken, the score printouts in certain formats are written to the Out Folder as plain text by the user. Any software that wants to access these outputs can enter this file and get the information in it.

  • Instant Record Transfer From The Polikod Database to Another Database

 When a new personnel is defined in the system or permission is entered, records are created in the tables in the database shared with us by other software.

  • Periodically Sending Data via Web Service

At certain intervals, the requested data is sent via the Web Service or API provided by other software.

  • Creating an External Record Directly On Polikod Data

 Automatic creation of the personnel record with the procedure we provide to our database when new personnel are entered from another software.

  • Sending User-Controlled Scoring Data via Web Service

After the user gets the scorecard, he/she opens the integration page. After checking the information to be sent, he/she performs the data sending process.

  • Instant Personnel Status Update

When a personnel leaves the job on the Time Attendance System side, the same personnel’s record in another database is deactivated via the Polikod database with the “Trigger”.


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