What Can You Do With Business Tracking Software?

As people living in the age of technology, we have left behind the times when employee engagement tracking was done manually. It is essential for a company to control the shifts, leave, attendance, productivity of its employees and if a company does not do this properly, it can cost them money, time, efficiency and lost customers. A qualified Time Attandance Software can help you with this and you can bring a difference in the way you run your business.

Cost Effective

If a task is done manually, it costs both time and money. There is also a high risk of making mistakes. A software costs you once, but it will compensate it in a short time. The basis of a successful business is to get maximum efficiency with minimum error. Countless companies have made significant savings with this software.

Time Optimization

Time attandance software helps you manage time, collect employee records with minimal errors, and get rid of time-consuming paperwork. Change of shift, allocation of assignments, etc. tasks can be tracked and changed in a much shorter time. Thus, you can put your time into other tasks. 

Accurate and Secure Work

Lack of accuracy in a workplace can be time consuming and expensive. If a data is processed manually, the margin of error is quite high and this can be prevented by the time attandence management system. It also provides security because, due to login IDs and passwords, unauthorized persons cannot access the stored data.

Increased Productivity and Growth Opportunities

Automated attendance system makes it easy for you to manage the workflow. The employer can get all the reports in excel format and accordingly can set daily/weekly working hours, plan overtime in advance, track employees who exceed the weekly and annual legal working hours etc. With the user hierarchy system, employees request shifts and submit their request to the manager’s control and approval.

The time attandance system also helps you manage productivity. The rights of your employees who do their job properly are protected and those who do not do their job are detected. A company must use its resources in the most effective way to maximize its productivity. With this business software, you can track your productivity and associate it with attandance. In addition, attandance software helps you develop solutions that will enable employees to be more productive without restricting their freedom according to the attandance policy. This increases your future growth possibilities.

Real-Time Tracking

While the desktop application transfers information periodically, managers can get instant information from the dashboard thanks to our mobile application. They can see data such as person and vehicle tracking, who got in which car, where they went (location tracking), who arrived at what time, how many people are in which department, who was late, who is on leave. This service can also eliminate the use of cards. In addition, it is possible to monitor what time the personnel working from home started to work and what time they stopped working, tea-coffee break tracking, inventory stock tracking, and in case of disasters, it can be checked whether someone is inside. The services we offer can be expanded and diversified in line with the needs of our customers.

With Time Attandance Software, you can benefit from the advantages of today’s technology. As Polimek, we bring the best solution to your problems following your needs. In order to collect data for time attandance system you need a terminal which we will provide for you in line with your demands. These can be card reader, fingerprint reader or face recognition reader.


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