In Which Areas Are Special Software Used In Production Facilities?

What is production software systems?

What is production management software and how important is ERP software for manufacturing companies? Production management software is a system that helps organizations measure, maintain and optimize their management policies and production strategies.

Why Do Manufacturing Companies Need ERP?

Thanks to these manufacturing process software, the entire life cycle of a product, from the formation to the production line to the end user can be followed. In this way, you can optimize your assets and bring all the data to your fingertips, bringing everything under one roof. Since it is much easier to find and manage data in the digital environment than the old methods, it helps you to organize the workflow, to notice the irregularities more easily, to run the operations more smoothly, to follow the resource, asset and document management and to make a more informed decision based on the data. There are plenty types of ERP software and usage areas. In the continuation of the blog post we’ll examine the best manufacturing ERP software and IT systems in manufacturing. After that you may decide which ERP system is best for manufacturing? What software is used in manufacturing? And which software is useful in manufacturing units?

Types of Manufacturing Software

Production Planning Software

Thanks to production management software, necessary instructions for manufacturing works are given on the system. For example; such as the type of the product, quantity, and determination of production routes of the products to be manufactured. It allows managers to manage the production schedule, intervene and change it where necessary. Thus, the management can plan the necessary resources. It can direct information such as bill of materials, product codes, machine IDs, labor departments.

Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software allows managers to track stock levels. Thus, interventions are made before the materials required for production become insufficient, unnecessary purchases are prevented and future material needs can be predicted.

SCM (Supply Chain Management) Software

Companies must be able to carefully control manufacturers, raw material availability, communications with suppliers, purchasing costs, overall supply chain management to ensure delivery of manufactured goods on time. With SCM, order and inventory management becomes easier, delivery of products on time to distributors or end users is ensured, and data that can be forecasted for the next production and order process is obtained.

CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management)

Nowadays, many companies have started to develop more customer-oriented management strategies. It's out of date to wait for customers to tell them what they need. Today, companies have become able to predict what will be in demand without customers telling their needs. CRM software analyzes consumer behavior and makes it easy for manufacturers to manage the database of their current customers. It optimizes the management of sales and marketing lines, sales status, opportunity analysis etc.

HRM Software (Human Resources Management)

Employees are one of the most important assets for a company, as without the workforce, even the machines bought for millions of dollars are worthless. Because it is the employees who use and manage them. Thanks to HRM software, employees’ needs, payments, salaries are easily calculated and the frustration of dealing with documents, loss of time and money is eliminated. You can get support from HRM software to deposit employee salaries according to working hours, monitor employee attendance, and ensure smooth recruitment process.


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