What are the usage areas of Real-Time Location Tracking?

What is Real Time Location System?

What is real time tracking? What is used for tracking location? What is real time location service? What is RTLS?  In this blog you can find all these answers. At the present times competitive environment, many companies are looking for ways to increase their productivity. Especially in order to control the increasing number of products, machines and employees, managers resort to new technologies. One of these technologies is RTLS technology, namely Real Time Location System.

What is the purpose of the real time tracking feature? What is location tracking used for? RTLS technology is one of the first words that comes to mind when traceability is mentioned. With RTLS, the real-time location of an object and the recorded identity of the object in the system can be seen and identified. This makes it easier to track objects. What technology does RTLS? How does a real time location system work? Real Time Location Service is usually implemented as follows; Wireless tags that send wireless signals are attached to objects and these tags send signals to specified reference points. The flexibility of this system allows for many different combinations. It can be integrated into indoor or outdoor environments.

Real Time Location technology is frequently used to track the location of objects and people in warehouses (especially in inventory management), production facilities, factories, campuses, hospitals (especially in newborn units), etc.


E-Commerce & Retail

Two of the sectors that benefit from the advantages of Real Time Location Systems are retail and e-commerce. RTLS has been increasingly used in brick-and-mortar stores to facilitate and speed up the purchasing process. For example, with the “smart shopping cart” application, the products that customers place in their smart baskets are automatically scanned and added to the order. In this way, there is no need to manually scan the products and the risk of human error is minimized.


Logistics & Industrial

RTLS gives managers a detailed overview of the process a product goes through from production to delivery to the end user.Thanks to real time location tracking, the location of the product can be determined throughout the entire process. This traceability in production, storage and distribution processes facilitates the work of management.

Using Real Time Location Services in a factory or warehouse provides many benefits in enabling production and in a complex process such as the supply chain. The employee or manager can easily see where a specific product is, and if the Real Time Location System is integrated with ERP systems, real-time information about the location of the product can be accessed.

If inventory management is not done correctly and in a planned way, it can turn into a nightmare for employees and managers. Even with a strict inventory management planning, manpower may not be enough after a point. Because people cannot monitor every product in real time as RTLS technology provides. This leads to waste of time and money. Thanks to real time location tracking companies can create more efficient factories and warehouses. In addition, the tracking of forklifts or other fixtures that work very effectively in warehouses can also be tracked due to Real Time Location System, and possible losses can be minimized by controlling whether they are in good condition.


Automotive Sector & Assembly Process

Real Time Location Services is used effectively in business process development in the automotive industry. By using a real time location tracking, it can be determined where the cars are in the production line and in what process. In this way, productivity increases throughout the assembly process and a system can be created that gives warnings for cars that do not move for a certain period of time or do not meet the specified performance metrics.


Travel & Transportation

The location of the vehicles owned or rented by the company can be monitored by RTLS, and planning can be optimized according to train/bus/plane schedules.


Mining & Construction

Metrics related to mining can be managed, workplaces for security purposes can be monitored and machinery/vehicles in the construction site can be tracked thanks to RTLS technology.


Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Temperature and laboratory conditions, which play a critical role in product and drug quality, can be followed by Real Time Location Services


Entertainment Industry & Tourism

Since hotels and restaurants are generally located in a large area, it can be difficult to find the personnel to be contacted at that time. Thanks to RTLS technology, real-time location of employees can be tracked. In-store clothing tags with sensors alert staff for theft and asset management control is enhanced.


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