What Kind of Security Solutions Does Customized Software Offer?

What Is an Access Control Software?

What does customized access control software do? Access control software system provides smooth control over entrances and exits of companies (production facilities, public buildings, etc.) and movements around the facility. 

What are the advantages of customized software?  With access control software and hardware, you can control who can enter and where, and you can have controllable and understandable data about all the entrances and exits in your area. In this way, while maximizing your security, you also provide employee and visitor control. Thus, you hit two birds with one stone.

What are the advantages of customized software? Customized access control system can be installed by adapting to all kinds of areas and conditions. Thanks to this flexibilty, customized software is developed according to the needs of any scale business and security level.

Some of the Security Solutions Offered By Customized Software 

Access Authorization

With the customized software, you can prevent entry and exit within the company according to the level of authority. In this way, you can control not only the company main door, but also the back office. Thanks to the easy-to-use interface of the Customized software, these assignments can be made easily.

Automatic Door Management

With customized access control software, you can give access permission and restrict access at specific events and at specific times. This feature is often used by organizations that are open during the day and closed at night. It is also suitable for use at events, concerts and matches. Software service companies of

Personnel Time & Attendance 

Access control software is tailored to your company’s needs and allows you to decide which of your personnel can and cannot enter where, on the other hand, you can monitor the continuity of your personnel. You can see data such as who came to work at what time, who was late, who did not come to work, who exceeded the overtime period. This software can also work integrated with your existing ERP systems. You can reach our other blog post about how Polikod does integration, from this link. (https://polikod.com/which-deficiencies-of-erp-and-accounting-systems-can-you-complete-with-special-software/). Following Time & Attendance of the personnel with a software developed for your company’s needs, provides you with many advantages. Instead of a data pile that used to be difficult to analyze on paper, you will get data that is easy to evaluate, more understandable, statistically available, more reliable and precise. This is a critical point for managers and company owners.


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