What is Big Data, What are Big Data Application Areas?

Now every moment of our life is full of data.

All of our data is stored, from the sites we visit on the internet to the time we spend on social media.

Netflix shows us similar content as we vote for the content we like; As a result, each of us has a different Netflix profile.

Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are some of the companies that use big data best, continue to increase their profit margins day by day.

Likewise, studies indicate that digital solutions have the potential to increase productivity by up to 15% in the food industry, reduce product recalls by up to 50% and reduce energy consumption by up to 12%.

Big data offers great convenience in predicting individual behavior and community trends.

For this reason, big data applications are used in many fields from public administration to economic and commercial activities, from national security to scientific research.

Big Data Usage and Application Areas

• Customer Satisfaction: Measuring customer satisfaction through social media.

• Health: Big data provides us with a great opportunity for early detection.

• Education: Many educational organizations use big data for their students.

• Production: Used to support and accelerate decision-making processes.

• Banking: The sector where big data is used the most.

• Transportation: It provides traffic control by public institutions.

• Measurement: Behavioral data is used in many fields such as psychology, marketing and public policy.

Big Data is processed by businesses and becomes action plans; It provides great advantages to workplaces in employee productivity and performance monitoring, optimization studies, smart and fast reporting applications and decision support systems.


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