What can you do with the New Generation Human Resources Software?

Digitalization is now present in every aspect of our lives…

Especially with the pandemic, traditional methods are gradually shelving and leaving their place to digital processes.

HR processes also get their share from this. Business and HR processes are carried out more effectively and efficiently with the use of technology.

Human resources processes, where data usage is most frequently used, become much more efficient with the correct analysis of the right data.

Let’s examine together what kind of benefits digitalization brings to HR processes…

Employee performances are evaluated with human resources software that develops day by day, and business processes are managed with HR software, which means increased efficiency and reduced costs.

As the business processes of each company are different, their expectations from HR software are also very different.

While some of them check only the entry-exit data of their employees, in some companies, detailed payroll reports, make-up reports etc. according to the employee or department. It needs many reports.

Again, many companies want to use the data they receive from the personnel attendance control software in integration with programs such as SAP, Canias, Netsis, and Logo that they are currently using within their structure.

As Polikod, we create instant reports for your ERP and accounting systems by reading data from the field, NFC devices, IOT systems, and RFID terminals.

It provides many advantages to companies in tracking their employees by using new generation mobile pdks systems.

We, as POLIKOD, propose an HR software that will fully understand your company’s demands and fully meet your needs. Call us to get detailed information about our mobile or web-based personnel attendance control and human resources software written specifically for you and meeting all the requirements of your company.


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