How can you use data to understand your customers?

We will use employer/customer data to personalized marketing software; It can be combined with content management and marketing tools.

The resulting algorithms are transferred from the access control reader to the software.

To support customer experiences, automatically personalized websites and personalized mail promotions are used.

To give an example with the feature most used by supermarkets, such as notifying a customer who buys baby food, via e-mail or phone, when baby products are on sale by doing customized marketing.

The data collected with access control readers are analyzed and classified.

Data classification can be made according to age, gender, geography, demographic factors, and purchasing habits.

Using the correct data classification marketing will reach the right customer and the right end-user.

You can manage your business using personalized data with success.

We help you to use your customer data with our services below:

Customized software, big data, customized integrations, technology solutions, new generation human resources software, and real-time location tracking.


Our Data Solutions

  • Employee productivity and performance tracking
  • Decision support systems
  • Smart and fast reporting
  • Inference and A/B tests
  • Optimization


Custom Software Solutions

With more than 25 years of hardware and software experience, ready-to-use modules, and a rich software library, we produce business software that increases your productivity.

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